Stash Can Series

Coming April 4th 2022

Initial introduction was a success! We are currently sold out for the season, please contact Stealth Cues for more information

I am proud to announce my newest creation and addition to the 2015 Stealth Cues Beyond the Imagination line. I bring you the Stealth Cues Stash Can Cue.

This cue is a one of a kind cue and there is no other cue like it on the market. The Stealth Stash Can is one of Stealth Cues unique newest patented products. The stash can is a special anodized canister that fits inside the unique custom cavity hidden in the butt of the cue. The canister fits snuggly inside of the custom cavity to ensure that there is no rattle or movement coming from the secret compartment.

This cue line also features a 3/8 X 10 deluxe pin, a 7 layer pig skin tip, grade A slim 8-10 inch tapered shaft, and full length decals. The decals for these cues required a special mold to be opened, and they come with a coordinating stash can that will complement the design of the cue.

Every pool player has a secret $100 bill, a lucky picture or maybe a lucky trinket and now they will have a secret stealthy place to keep it. The Stash Can Cues are the newest addition to the 2015 Stealth Cues “Beyond the Imagination” line. This is only one line of many unique items that we will be offering this year.