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A series of cues that truly stands out in the crowd!

Our current designs are SOLD OUT.

NEW 2024/2025 DESIGNS Premiering in JULY!

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Stealth Cues® are unlike any other cue on the market. They provide a one-of-a-kind grip with their unique Dooley handles, combined with high end components and innovative designs.

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I had received my cue stick (Stealth DH-4 A). I’m not saying I went pro overnight but it helped me improve my game and I love the quality and the design of the cue itself. I find myself not gripping the base too hard and it fits comfortably between my fingers. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my cue stick because of it’s unique design. I love my cue stick so much I ended up ordering a Break Cue (Black Bomber). I spoke with Mark and he was amazing as ever to speak to! If you’re planning on getting your first cue stick, I’d recommend ordering from Stealth Cues! I hear there’s more to come, I can’t wait!”

MT, Stealth Cues Customer

“I had been scouring the internet in search of a great cue that looks, feels and performs as well as I aspire to play someday! Through all the mediocrity I stumbled upon Stealth cues. Wow, what an awesome product! What’s better is their customer service. There was a small glitch in my order and Mark worked through the issue with me personally and wouldn’t stop until we both felt satisfied with the resolution. Thanks for a job well done!

SE, Stealth Cues Customer

“Stealth Cues are great, they are beautiful and and the designs are amazing. There is many options to choose from and they also have ergonomic designs as well. This is super helpful for anyone with carpel tunnel, arthritis or neuropathy in your hands.
Keep up the good work Stealth Cues, looking forward to seeing more.

CM, Stealth Cues Customer

“ Billiard is the fine art of thinking ahead. It is not just a game, but first and foremost a challenging sport which, in addition to physical condition, requires the logical thinking of a chess player and the steady hand of a concert pianist.”



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