Defcon Industries, LLC d/b/a Stealth Cues has certain trademark rights in the Stealth mark and “target” logo which it displays on its products. These marks are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Such trademarks are used in connection with pool cues and related equipment, and skateboards and are not to be confused with any other “Stealth” related marks. Additionally, Defcon Industries, LLC d/b/a Stealth Cues owns several patents and trademarks for its Ergonomic-style pool cue handles as well as trade dress protection therefor.


Stealth Cues owner, Mark Stoller has no involvement with any trademark-related activities of other “Stoller” family members. Mark is a law-abiding citizen with a good reputation in the community. No connection should be drawn between the wrongdoings of other family members and Mark Stoller.


Stealth Cues pricing is seasonal, as we always strive for the lowest price. Our pricing reflects market value on current wood pricing and availability.

List price $143.95
MAP $159.95
MSRP $169.95