Twist Series

Initial introduction was a success! We are currently sold out for the season, please contact Stealth Cues for more information

Canadian rock maple-3/8-10 thread pin .7 coats automotive premium paint

What makes a Twist Cue unique:
  • It takes six months from the initial design stage to finishing, with paint testing, sample-making and more before they are ready for shipping.
  • Before that, it takes one year for the wood to be aged appropriately: the cue is place in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment for one year.
  • The Twist Cue requires a team of 50-70 to complete from start to finish.
  • The unique handle requires a delicate hand process to paint and polish to perfection, a job only the most experienced cue makers are allowed to complete.
  • Equipment to make the Twist Cue is precise within 0.1mm, meaning each Twist Cue meets Stealth’s high quality standards.
  • Paint for the Twist Cues also is customized, with a high transparency paint that will allow the cues to hold their color brightness for many, many years.
  • Each Twist Cue requires cutting, grinding, painting and engraving, and there are more than 100 steps involved in these processes, altogether.
  • Technicians who work on the Twist Cues must have a minimum of 10 years experience, while most have between 10 and 20 years of professional training.