Hosted by the members of the ACS & PBIA Instructors Committee.

2024 Theme: Bonding & Strengthening our communication skills.


Tue. July 9th.  Travel day & Hotel registration.

5-8pm.  Instructor’s sign-in table is open. Pick up your ID tag.

5-9pm. Meet & Greet in Hotel atrium.  Cocktail time.  Mingle with the Movers & Shakers in our industry.

Welcome ceremonies from Cecil Messer (ACS President) & Shane Tyree (BCA Executive Director).

Featuring guest hosts from the City of Quincy.

Welcoming our 2024 “PBIA INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR”.


Wed. July 10th.   Convention Center.  Across the street from hotel.

9-9:30am.  Assembly.  Claude Gragg, Master of Ceremonies.

9:30am.  Guest Speaker. Tom Rossman (BCA HOF).  Opening Address.

9:45am.  Claude Gragg.  Explaining the E.G.O program.

10am.  Summit Coordinator-Randy Goettlicher.  2023 Summit and our year in review.   

10:30-11:30am.  Dwayne Payne.  Referee Program & The most misunderstood Rules in Pool.

11:30am-1pm.  Lunch & BEF Championships.

1-2pm.  Mark Finkelstein.  Aiming with S.A.M.

2-3pm.  Roy Pastor. Break & Run program.

3-3:30pm.  Ivan Lee.  Past President of the Billiard Congress of America. (BCA.)

4-5pm.  Kim Young.  PB&J Interfacing.

Supper on our own.


Thu. July 11th.  Convention Center

9-9:30am.  Assembly.  Claude Gragg.

9:30-10:30am.  Guest Speaker.  STEALTH CUES® Mark Stoller.  From the heart.

10:30am-11:30am.  Eric Naretto.  ICAT

11:30-1pm.  Lunch & BEF Championships.

1-2pm.   Tom Riccobene.  History of the Billiard Education Foundation.  (BEF)

2-3pm.  Dr. Cue.  Teaching students a few kicking systems.

3-4pm.  Dominic Esposito.  Teaching Jumping Techniques & Drills.

4-5pm.  Questions & Conversations.  Facilitated by…Steve Campana.

6-8pm.  Group Supper.  Hosts, Jim Baker & Lance Cowles.  “Remembering our Bus Drivers.”

             Social Skills/Group picture at the Riverside BBQ. Reservations pre-made.


Fri. July 12th.  Convention Center

9-9:30am.  Assembly.  Claude Gragg.

9:30-10am.  Guest Speaker. Mike Panozzo.  Billiards Digest.

10-11am.  Chuck Hood.  Marketing your business.

11am-Noon.  Jim Baker.  Video analysis.

Noon-1:30pm.  Lunch and BEF Championships.

1:30-2pm.  Guest Speaker.  Samm Vidal.  Bringing us up to date at the Jr. Championships

2:pm-3pm.  Dr. David Alciatore.  Pool Myths & Misconceptions

3pm-4pm. The Bob Jewett Hour.  Physics in Pool.

4pm.  Eddie Israel.  Raffle Prize (New STINGER B/J) Drawing followed by General assembly.


Sat. July 13th.  

Thank you and have a Safe trip home.