Stealth Cues® chooses high quality forelimb wood. Then we choose the wood to make the forelimb straight. In different manufacturing processes, to ensure the strength and hardness of the pool cue. To adjust the  precise center of gravity to match the density of each wood, at different stages, the wood to take natural air drying to achieve the height of the club stability, not easy to bend and deformation.  Finally, different woods are selected as decorations, many of which are the most precious and  rare woods, to ensure the ornamental value of the billiard cue. Here’s how the whole club is  made: 

  1. Choose the plate, which has been naturally dried for several years. 
  2. Ash wood and maple wood, also has been naturally dried. 
  3. Cut the sheet into square strips, and then natural air dry. 
  4. Rough machining into a cone with the machine. 
  5. Manual processing of the cone of the cue. 
  6. Wood for cutting and arranging flowers. 
  7. The cue and flower arrangement preliminary bonding. 
  8. The ball and flower arrangement fixed, and glue together. 
  9. Hand grinding rod body cone. 
  10. Hand grinding the cone of the rod body. 
  11. Hand grinding the cone of the rod body. 
  12. In order to adjust the weight and center of gravity of the cue, drill holes in the last part of  the cue to remove some wood, but also for the future 
  13. After installation, extend the connector to prepare. 13. Install the appropriate first Angle  (copper head) for the club. 
  14. Install the appropriate front branch and rear connector for the club. 
  15. Sand the rod body with a whole piece of sandpaper. 
  16. Hand fine grinding rod body. 
  17. Measure the weight of the club. 
  18. Insert the logo on the end of the cue. 
  19. Lengthen the connector after installation. 
  20. Use the machine to polish the rod head and even smooth it. 
  21. Install and polish the rod head. 
  22. Oil and polish the finished club.